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Patristic Nectar Publications is pleased to present this new pre-marital counseling theological workbook entitled Enduring Love: Laying Christian Foundations for Marriage. Marriage preparation, together with the sacred institution of marriage itself, has fallen on hard times in the culture of the post-Christian West. It is more important than ever for couples to saturate their hearts and minds with the glorious vision of holy matrimony presented by the Church in Holy Tradition and lived by countless married saints for the last two thousand years. Here in the pages of Enduring Love couples will find inspired teaching from the Holy Scriptures, the writings of the Holy Fathers, and the service texts of the sacrament itself, on how to live in a genuinely Christian marriage in which the home becomes a domestic church. Each of the ten chapters contains both a succinct theological teaching and a workbook section with questions for the couple to work through together in preparation for marriage. Through Enduring Love may God inspire the hearts of those preparing to be married, and also those already married who would like to deepen their union and render it more pleasing to God and to themselves.


Enduring Love: Laying Christian Foundations for Marriage

Foreword by Bishop Basil (Essey)
Chapter 1 - God's Design for Marriage
Chapter 2 - Love and Expectations
Chapter 3 - Friendship and Goals
Chapter 4 - Communication and Conflict
Chapter 5 - Sex and Romance
Chapter 6 - Children and Parenting
Chapter 7 - Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 8 - Finances
Chapter 9 - Spiritual Life
Chapter 10 - Enduring to the End
Appendix - The Orthodox Rite of Marriage

ISBN# 978-1735011653


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