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PNP Kids: Storytime, Saints, and Sermons


PNP is pleased to present a new kid's channel with weekly FREE content to provide a Christian resource for children to hear about the lives of the saints (Synaxarion), Storytime with Presbytera Catherine reading Orthodox Christian children's books, and weekly sermons for children about the upcoming Sunday's Gospel.


Launching November 1, 2023!


Your family can enjoy PNP Kids content in two ways:

Video - YouTube Channel >

Audio - Podcast Channel >


Exciting New FREE Content for your Orthodox Christian Family!

  • Storytime with Presbytera Catherine: Dive into the world of Orthodox Christian books as Presbytera Catherine shares captivating stories perfect for family time.

  • Cloud of Witnesses: Immerse yourself in the dynamic, voice-acted retelling of the lives of the Saints. A collaborative effort with a local group to bring these inspiring stories to life.

  • Sunday Homily for Kids: Father Jason delivers short, kid-friendly homilies to help children better understand the Sunday Gospel. Ideal for listening on the way to church.

  • Kids Q&A: Kids have the opportunity to ask a priest their burning questions. "What is your favorite Lenten meal?" "How do I know I am following God in the right way?"

Attention Parents! Do you want your child to participate? Send us a short video question to or direct message us on social media for a chance for your child's question to be featured and answered by PNP Kids.


Join us this November 1st for a faith-filled experience!


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